Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bracket Rocket

Sorry to leave you all in suspense there...
Yes I did get back just fine from Spain/France. It
was about as awesome of a trip as one could have
hoped for, but it does feel great to finally be back
at home with my posse both friends and family.
Lets see... News?

Well little sister moved over yonder to the other
side of the country, totally wasn't cool of her to
leave *sniff* but I understand why she did it. It
still doesn't feel like she is gone but I know 'tis
true. She will be just fine, it is all of us the
Minneapolis folks that might not fair as well.

So, I had up until a couple of weeks ago been
working only at the b-wood, you know the
same place where I was the Chef a couple of
years back. I was just pulling early morning
bakery shifts, which really I was enjoying. The
only downside to working in the bakery is that
whole waking up at 3:30 in order to start work
at 4am puts a damper on the previous nights

Baking however kicks ass... And I am pretty
dang good at it if I do say so myself...

However, now I got myself a new job...
Like the last one it is a small organic cafe, this
one focusing more on bagels. It is cool, instead
of just using regular plastic togo cups and what
not, we have a composting system where the
majority of the 'garbage' goes into a separate bin
where some good natured people process it
into compost and sell it as such. Considering
the alternatives and how freaking huge the
compost bin is compared to our traditional
dumpster it is just dang cool is all.

Oh here is a whale I drew... Most everyone
who would read this has seen it already but

I just like tossing little pictures in off of my flickr
every once in a while, just break up the monotony.

But back to my new job..

I am actually not doing the chef thing exactly, but
instead I am the General Manager. That basically
means I am running the place, all the little details
that need to be dealt with I deal with, well myself
and the owner. It is still a new place and I feel like
I have quite a bit to offer, already there has been
an incredibly warm reception from the employees.

(Those are all my sharpies, I did some organizing the other day.)

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