Tuesday, May 29, 2007

All 'bout le Zito.

Memorial weekend...

F'n awesomeness I must say.

Friday and Saturday weren't much, just riding around on le merckx como regular.
Ztox back brace
Sunday there was the huge ass benefit for Zito at the Nomad; which was crazy fun. To those that don't know Ztox was hit by a driver riding his bike home from work a couple of months ago, he ended up being just fine although he is still wearing the back brace some two months later. That (of course) really gets my goat, it may be understandable if you just don't see the cyclist and happen to ram em, especially in the middle of the night. What is deplorable is not even bothering to stop to see if he was alive, how freaking cowardice is that? Not to mention the two other people that ran over his bike but didn't stop to help.

The event was as mentioned before awesome. Not just regular awesome but hard-core awesome. One of those days where you pretty much know at least 1/2 and manage to win some free stuff in the raffle.
Ready to win
I managed to get myself a new little CO2 pump and a banjo brothers grocery getter bag.
You can have my bag on one condition...
There was a t-shirt tossed at me as well, but I didn't really win that rather I caught it. Hell I didn't even really catch it, I said hey throw it here and Mark just passed it to me.
Karl Braut
I helped cut the onions for the beer brauts, but before doing so I cut the bar their lemons and limes, which netted me 2 free beers. Really how can I complain?

The next day Jana, Jer and I rode out to Stillwater, which was hilly and fun. By the time we got back both Jana and I weren't really feeling all the burnt so we added another 20+ miles to the 53 we had already gone by riding out to Hopkins to have a beer with Reverborama (Bob) and Emily (his wife). I must admit after a 76 mile ride it felt awful good to take a shower and lay my head on my pillow. A new personal best but one that I hope to beat here either this weekend or next. Funny how I remember 30 miles being crazy long for a ride last summer, now I am doing twice that and not even thinking too much about it, how freaking awesome is that?

Here is the route we took.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Temp Shift.

Considering I don't really have much else to talk about, might as well talk about the weather right?

Crazy wacky temperature shift in the past 12 hours, left work last night 6:00 and it was 83ish. Woke up this morning and it had dropped down to 43, biting wind dropping that down a couple of degrees. I would expect weather like this in Montana where you are all but required to bring a jacket with you even when it is 100 during the day, that high altitude mountain weather just sucks the heat out the moment the sun loops around to the other side of the planet. Must say it is nice to have the windows cracked and be curled up under my grandmother's afghan on my stupid crazy awesome couch.

School is all done, thank f'n god. Not that I have a problem with taking classes of course, but it is just nice to finally be done. I managed to catch a little bout of the flu smack dab in the middle of final's week, so my mental processes were skewed slightly by my fever and horribly upset stomach. I still passed all my classes with grades that I was generally proud of, still waiting for one of them, but so far so good. I even had to call into work for the first time since back when I lived in Montana, I swear I tried to work but I felt so dizzy I just had to lay down. Not a good time to be working with insanely sharp knives I would imagine.

I was hoping to make it a decade without having missed a day of work, but I guess I am going to have to settle for 9 years...

Now that I am done with school I haven't been doing much, reading, riding bikes, drinking with my posse, back working at the b-wood a bit; generally just enjoying the summer.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Now really should I be here writing a short little blog entry when I should be writing one of the 5 papers I have due in the next week? Probably not but that isn't stopping me mind you.

The internet has been off in my apt for the past week or so, which has been a blessing in disguise. Instead of wasting my days away looking for ridiculously cheap bikes on craigslist or catching up on MBL and Flickr, I am actually spending my time doing school work. The wireless is working as of right now, but I am hesitant to get the password until after the bulk of my paper writing is done.

Being out of the 'loop' is surprisingly nice.

But anyone interested should know I am plugging right along with school, today is my last day of actual class. Work is about the same, I cut up dead stuff all day.

The dude who took over my old job at the cafe got canned early this week, so I am probably going to be filling in for a while until they find a replacement, not full time though. It will be nice to get a little extra 'ching' in my pocket, perhaps I can even upgrade the drivetrain on the Merckx. I can just imagine what a full set of lightweight modern components and wheels would do to her sense of self-worth.


Just look at her up there, hanging around practically in tears knowing she is so out dated.

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