Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Well I realized that now that school is no longer a looming factor controlling every aspect of my life that I might as well update ye-ole-blog.

That being said, is there anything worthwhile to blog about?

Well I took my last final, that has to be worth something right? At very least worth a couple of lines here. I am not quite certain how I fared in all my classes, my fingers are crossed as I eagerly wait for the grades to be posted. I know at least 2 of my grades already, two grades that I am quite happy with. It is the final two classes that I am worried about, not that I assume I failed by any means, I know at very least I am going to pass... It is those high standards that I pretend to hold myself to that keep fucking with me. What is that phrase? Water either over the dam or under the bridge? The papers are turned in and the tests have been taken, so it doesn't matter anymore.

The crew is heading out to MT in a couple of days, excitement doesn't begin to describe the range of emotions circling around me as we anticipate the trip. There is the chance that we will get a little of the white fluffy stuff clogging up the roads, I just hope it doesn't hit us with the ferocity that is pelting CO right now. I have never had a problem riding (err driving, Freudian slip) in the snow, it just means you have to be more cautious and roll along a little slower.

Oh, and if any of my family members are eagerly awaiting the kick ass present that Felipe is going to give, keep waiting. The trip is going to cost me enough as is, so at best you all are getting gift cards (that is what we call a Phil cop-out, lazy bum).

Somehow while planning x-mas and getting finished with school, I managed to get myself sick. The last few days I have gotten perpetually more stuffed up and achy every morning, no clue what my problem is. Being at 50% capacity has really made finishing up my last few papers difficult, the focus has been lacking. Best case scenario is that I am all better by the time that we hop into the economy class vehicle and let those trusty four little cylinders take us a thousand miles across the upper regions of this fair country.

Finally, Mr. Netflix is my friend (at least he is this week, last week he was nothing but a low down dirty fucker-nugget)..

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Worst part about it.

I had to check my own blog before I remembered that I posted those pictures last night, someone stage an intervention.

Fuk'n Ice.

OK, How stupid are we?

Ice, how stupid are we?
Bowling on thin ice, lucky we are not dead
Of course it be a good idea to ride on thin ice.
Sometimes we crash
abandoned bike 5

So it has not been near cold enough, but still we are out there running on the ice... I had my fingers on my cell ready to dial the 9 1 1 the moment the first drunk SOB fell into the ice. I was sure it would happen when people carried 50# rock onto the ice and threw them as hard as possible onto the ice, just like bocce ball, except stupid...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

How about...


If you want to just skip having to read my rambling, just click on the photo, I have little tags that state basically what I am about to say here.

That big piece of paper with pigs on it? I got that this morning buying breakfast (gyoza) from United Noodle. It is HUGE, at least poster size and the pigs are outlined with sparkles. Everyone loves sparkles!

The scrabble game up in the corner I was supposed to donate to toys 4 tots, too bad I was stuck at work too late and missed the party. Not I am stuck with an unopened game and no free mini x-mas tree. (On a totally unrelated note, Kim if you get a scrabble game for the holidays, it was from santa.)

The picture of a cat is from the ex, she thinks I should adopt another cat, I think I covered that last post...

The lights are from Boyton, they have this kick ass deal where you can get a set of lights for 13 dollars front and back. Good thing considering twice in the past 2 weeks I have managed to ruin a front light and generally I hate the idea of riding without being seen. Though my lights didn't really help me much 2 days ago when a pedestrian stepped off the curb directly into the path of my bicycle. I couldn't stop fast enough and the both of us went down, honestly I think she took the bulk of the impact.

There was a set of free World Book Science Annual volumes at Zipp's today. Normally I would just pass the books up, but I am a sucker for books from the year of my birth.

Now for my reason for heading to zipps, I finally finished my big paper on graffiti! 14 pages and I was barely scratching the surface of what I wanted to talk about, somewhere in there I am feeling a senior thesis. I turned in a different 8 page paper yesterday and I have one 8-10 page paper yet to write. The semester is almost done!

And why the hell are the "labels" for the new blogger beta combined into one. Fuckers.


Oh, that is just the closest stop sign to my apartment.


Sunday, December 10, 2006



Well that is that, Thor is currently driving away in a wicker box towards uptown Minneapolis. Am I sad about it? Perhaps a little, though he is just a cat so any potential feelings of nostalgia are certain not to be long lasting. I suppose should I ever get the desire I can just find myself another cat, it is not as though there is a national domesticated feline shortage or anything. In fact Em did bring over a picture of a cat she is trying to get me to adopt, nice looking kitty but strictly an indoor creature, meaning litter box. The idea of my apartment constantly smelling of cat excrement is not incredibly appealing to me.

The picture above is the first picture I took after the batteries were charged on my new camera, not surprising that it was in fact of the little fur ball, considering he was the most interesting subject at the time.

So I guess I all have to say is Goodbye Thor, have a good life, and please stick to targeting only invasive bird species, there are plenty of starlings to spare. Oh, and Thor, don't chase any more raccoons around, they are big disgusting creatures who would make mincemeat out of 8 # kitties.


Friday, December 08, 2006

No difference.

I cannot tell the difference between the new "beta" blogger and the old one, same shit.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Normally I don't post stuff like this but...

This is totally awesome....

Gotta luv paper work.

I just got the adjustment from the people down at the Fin.Aid office at ye ole U.

Instead of meager and insufficient unsubsidized loans (didn't even cover tuition 100%) I had my aid adjusted and actually got a couple of grants this semester.. Not only that but they reversed a large chunk of the unsubsidized loans and replaced them with nice shiny subsidized loans.

I guess all my work getting signed and dated statements from my current and ex-employers, as well as hauling that enormous stack of tax and divorce statements to campus (twice) paid off.

Paper work is awesome, at least it is when you get enough money to be able to finance a trip to Montana in a couple of weeks.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I swear.

I had told myself I was to do nothing this weekend but stay indoors, and by that I meant no socializing, being a good little student. Finals week is quickly approaching, and while that isn't a bad thing, it just means I should really pay attention to the papers that are due, less about riding my bike and drinking in all corners of the city. Friday night I got done home from work to find an envelope from Hennepin county leaning against my front door, meaning someone in the building must have placed it there. Meaning what will probably be the most significant legal notification I have received in the past few years was delivered to the wrong apartment, GO USPS! Upon reading the letter (and subsequent internet chatting with la Ex) I found out that I was officially a single man as of Tuesday the 28th... That didn't take too long, just a year and a half from the time we separated..

On account of that I felt it to be a good idea to go and get myself good and tipsy, which was convenient considering that summerinside was having his 30th birthday party downtown grumpy's. I don't think I got myself too drunk, but I was for sure on my way, though I didn't feel too bad about it because I wrote 4 pages on the biggest paper due before I left the house.

On the way home I was cutting through a park right by where Minx lives, which required me to hop over a curb. Silly me I figured it would be no problem being as "out of it" as I was to just pick the front wheel up a bit and let the rest of the bike follow suit, that is how it usually works right? Instead I slammed directly into the curb, flipping over the frame and skidding on my elbows for a couple of feet. It didn't hurt, I had enough liquid anesthesia in my veins at that point to numb even the most severe of pains. What was annoying about the situation is that the moment I landed I heard laughter, someone was actually out in that dark park at just before 3 am, really don't they have lives?

The next day after work I had told myself I was to spend all day writing, again my attempts were thwarted. At 9ish, after spending a couple of hours writing and studying, I got a call from a friend of mine who I had not talked to for at least a couple of months. He had an extra ticket to the big doomtree blowout at 1st ave, really how could I pass that up? The show was awesome, as good or better than I would have expected. The guy I bought the painting from a couple of months back was working the merch table, where I bought a CD where the liner was made by another artist I know. Not too often I have purchased a CD where the liner art was numbered and signed...

The rest of the night consisted of hazy events down at the new bulldog, which I recommend all of you to visit. The entire @lma crew was down drinking like fishes; I don't even remember how many shots were passed in front of me without my requesting... Honestly I am a little surprised we didn't get kicked out, my guess is it had to do something with the chef sitting at the table with us...

Green Tea 1
Green Tea 2

And today I drank green tea...

Um, yeah.

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