Tuesday, November 28, 2006


After school today I had the pleasure of coming home to an interesting smell. Tracing the source proved to be more difficult than one would expect, but I knew that cute little Thor had left me a "present" somewhere around the house.


He even looks like he knew what he did.

Anyway I spend the next 4 hours painting, yes pictures or paintings whatever. I don't consider myself much of an artist these days, and my efforts today were more practical in nature. Someone noted to me a couple of days ago that my bedroom walls are all too white, and I need some paintings or something to counteract the starkness. I am not really in a position right now to be able to buy any more paintings, my quota for the year has been reached. Instead I took out the old paints I had tucked deep into the dark parts of my closet and applied them to a random bit of plywood left over from remodeling either the kitchen or bathroom of the old house. The results were not anything to be proud of (hence no picture here or flickr) but the picture should fill the blandness of my bedroom nicely. It was sad though, I had to google what I should use to thin down acrylic paint; it has been that long since I picked up a brush.

It has me thinking that I should spend more of my free time fucking around on the random chunks of wood I have lying around. Better than going out to the bar and getting myself obliterated.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Look I can make bread.

Popine Dough
Rosemary Popine
Rosemary Popine 2
Rosemary Popine 3

Exploding Head.

Ugh, if I have to read another highly technical anthropological paper tonight I am going to puke, really. Not to say of course that the subject matter isn't interesting, but there is only so much a man can take before going a little crazy.

That all said, things are going well I guess, same old shit really.

I noticed that people stopped ready my blog a couple of days ago, which I was cool with made me feel less guilty about infrequent updates. It did seem odd that at least my dad wouldn't have checked up on me, so I entered the URL and something was all f-d up. I just went back to one of the blogger templates, saving the HTML code in a word document if I ever feel like going back and repairing it (probably wont).

The SNR this week was ok, not as crazy as the past 6 weeks. Just a little riding and eventually hitting up a party of the old b-wood crew NE. It was fun just hanging out with that whole posse, I don't get the chance to see them enough now that we don't work together. Honestly I don't think I have been back to the b-wood more than twice in the 3 + months since I quit, the last time I was there was picking E2 up from her shift 2 months ago. Three blocks away and I never go, figures.

After the NE party was dying down a little, I rode back home pulling in somewhere around 2-3am (the details are fuzzy). Jamin was just getting home and we hung out for a while drinking a couple beverages and shooting the shit. Jamin knew about a party down southside, so at 3:30 we left for another party (sparks is amazing, energizer bunny shit). I felt a little out of place at the 2nd party, everyone there was in the age range of 19 to 23, so at 28 I couldn't help but feel like the lecherous old timer leering at the young women. It wasn't that bad though, there were a couple of people I knew through Jamin, so I didn't have to don the uniform of wall flower.

Off subject if another celebrity couple splits up I am just going to fucking lose it, first britney and k-fed now Pam and Kid Rock, what are our children supposed to think about the sanctity of marriage looking at those role models?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Givin Thanks.

Ok this is going to be super short, I just wanted you all to see a picture from last night from all of us trouble causing Werst kids (Minneapolis of course).

Yeah we totally kick ass, What?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I think I am pretty much caught up with school for now, so I have a little moment to not study.

So I ended up hitting 3 keggers on Saturday night, lots of riding around and causing trouble. The last party I went to was at the food distributor, more fun than I had expected. There were gobs and gobs of people that I have met somehow throughout my years in the industry, some which I had not thought about for quite a few years. I closed the place down at around 3ish, at which time I helped with the clean up a little. I wasn't looking forward to the prospect of riding my bike alone back from the northside, and it was kinda cold. After we were all cleaned up and leaving, the owner handed me a little care package for my help.

I don't know the cheese, but it was nice and stinky and went quite well with the loaf of sour wheat bread. The walnuts are supposedly caramelized by some 60 year old women in Spain. The bag of cacao is supposedly awesome hot chocolate, though I have yet to try it. I could have taken more stuff home, but I was limited to the confines of my backpack.

I found out yesterday that Thor (black cat) is in fact going to be living with me for the next couple of months, perhaps longer. So now it is the two of us boys, causing trouble and leaving the toilet seat up.

Tomorrow I get to petition the financial aid office for some better financial aid. With working part time and getting divorced, my income has dropped about 50k a year.... Hopefully those bastards will give me something aside from unsubsidized loans.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Not dead yet.

Honestly I have just not been posting because I have been so distraught over the whole Fed-Ex Brit fiasco. I mean seriously, what possible future does that poor boy have, breaks my heart.

Seriously I have just been so f'n crazy bzy with school that the idea of updating ye ole blog just doesn't seem to make much sense. I have had an average of 2 papers due a week, so when I am sitting in front of the computer, I cannot justify not writing papers.

Crap, I just remembered I have just a couple of days until I need to figure out my classes for next semester...

As well I am a little bummed that the cat that has been staying with me for the past couple of months is going to have a new home come Sunday, I am going to miss that crazy bastard.

This weekend is going to be crazy, 4 kegs at 1x1 and 2 kegs over at a specialty food distributor, so many choices, so little time. I think my plan is going to be to hit 1x1 for a while, ride over to the SNR meeting spot, pick up stragglers, back to 1x1 for a while, ride up North Minneapolis and hang out with a bunch of chefs... After the chef dealio finishes, probably back to 1x1 or just call the SNR kids and see where they are all hanging out.

First though I have to make sure I am caught up enough on my school work to justify going out, shouldn't be too hard considering I wrote 2 papers last night and I hope to finish another tonight. I do have a big test in BioGeography Monday morning that I have yet to study for, but I am not really worried about that class. The grades are all posted online and out of 30 students el Felipe has the highest grade out of the lot, serious. I almost forgot how good I was at bonehead science classes, this is the first one I have taken if probably 6 years, and I am fairly certain the majority of the kids in the class don't really give a rat's ass.

Ok well I should really get some school work done, work hard play hard right?

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