Wednesday, August 29, 2007


A scant 5 days until I ship off.

Am I nervous? Yeah a little.

I had the epiphany that I am not required to ride with the group the entire tour, meaning I can take little solo tours around Marseilles while everyone is pounding up the mountains. Not that I don't enjoy riding bikes, but I can and do ride bikes here in Minneapolis, might as well see more of the actual people right?

Tomorrow I need to buckle down and email restaurants in Spain, I know which ones I want to work at and just have to focus and write the emails.



is my fridge right now... Pathetic? Yes.

I think the last time I went grocery shopping was at least a month ago, maybe longer. I made a couple of trips to the farmer's market in that time but even my last one of those was about 2 weeks ago. No cheese, no butter, no veggies to speak of, heck even no eggs. If I wasn't lucky enough to get all my meals at work I would be skin and bones by now.

My house is a total mess right now, all the things that I "might" need for my trip are strew about on my dining room table and I am in the process of packing up all of my clothes to make room for my sub letter.

I think I will kick one or more updates out before I leave, time dependent of course.

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I don't know what the hold up is but I haven't been bloggin' (obvious?) for a while now.

If anything it is that real life has taken precedent over interneting. Not to say I haven't been occupied on the internet, just doing different things? OK that makes no sense whatsoever...

The time is slowly ticking down until I leave for my big Europe voyage; a tad over 2 weeks and Sr. Felipe will be on a plane headed to Marseilles. For the first 3 and a half weeks that is where I am going to stay, biking around enjoying the scenery and teaching some people how to cook. There are two different tours that I am going to be cooking for, the first of which I guess is going to have a cellist playing in the garden area while I am in the kitchen cooking! After my cooking/biking obligations I am planning on bumming around Spain for 2 weeks, not certain yet where I am going to spend the majority of my time, but it is fairly certain that I will have a good time. From Marseilles it seems the most logical next stop would be Barcelona, hopefully I can find a nice restaurant to stage in while I am there, it would be sweet as hell to follow around in a 3 star rated place.

I have to be in Madrid on the 10th for a flight back to the states, that is about all I have planned as of yet. I figure with my knowledge of Spanish (albeit Central/South America) I would fare better in Spain than lets say Italy, Germany, Poland or hell even England.

And yes actually I am super stoked...

Because of the impending 6+ weeks without working I have been pulling double time trying to get myself set up financially to be able to ride out the storm so to speak. My biking has suffered in the meanwhile and at best I have been riding half of the miles I was just a month ago. I hope to bump that number up again here in the weeks leading up to my trip, last thing I want to do is be dropped by a bunch of spandex clad roadies. This area in France I guess is quite hilly... Hills don't like me much, maybe I just don't like them I can never remember.

In other news....

Everyone give a god damn big round of applause to my little sister Kim and Radlerin who managed to get 1st and 3rd respectivly in the All City this past weekend. And to think that Kim was seriously considering not even competing, she was "sure" that she wouldn't have a chance so what was the point? She won herself a kick ass set of wheels and a bag full of different Schwag. Rad actually put more miles in than Kim but didn't hit as many stops, she still walked away with a bunch of t-shirts, socks and a kick ass banjo brother's messenger bag. Ironically enough it was the same exact bag that was stolen with my Macbook during last year's All City. The more time passes the less it bothers me that my place has been broken into twice, after all it is only stuff right?

To end the derailment into my own issues I once again proclaim that it was totally kick ass that Kim and Radlerin took first and third. Also photo credit goes to Raderlin/Dancypants/Awesome girl who kicks total booty.

Hopefully I will be able to find internet access in Europe, shouldn't be a problem but you never know.

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