Sunday, June 25, 2006


There might just surface lots of pictures of my getting "made up" with full on make up by a 5 year old girl who was surprisingly adept in the aforementioned application. I was the only male "man" enough to pay the girl a dollar to get myself all prettied up. It was worth it, my cheek bones never looked so good, and the blue eyeliner, to die for. I arrived at the tale end of the wedding party, though I did get to meet E2's father (groom) and all of the family, fun stuff. One of E2's aunts for some reason was offering to pay me 20 bucks just to join the party, dunno if that was the booze talking or what, but to offer someone cash usually works, as it did in this case. I was having a fine evening nursing a 6'er and reading, but might as well go out right? I took a cab, too far to bike (at least in the rain) and no way I was going to drive knowing that I was about to get far too intoxicated to responsibly operate a vehicle. Hell even after 2 beers I regale myself to either public transit or my trusty miyata.

The ride over was cool, the twice divorced driver and I had lots to gab about, near the same perspective on marriage, though I lack the baggage of 3 babies mammas (thank dios).

After that the rest of the night isn't that interesting, though at one point the entire patronage of the L!ffey was staring at us, as well as making not so subtle comments. I can't really in all good judgment disclose here exactly why, but let's just say that my face was a little more towards the red area of the color wheel than it normally would be.

FYI, still no cigarettes, worked the new Guthrie opening for !zzy's this morning, heard after I left (had to work real job) they had a line 30+ ppl deep, good thing all I had to do was setup and take money. I would have probably been scooping the IC, considering my hands/arms are stronger than some of the others, but this damn left handedness isn't really conducive to using your "normal" IC scoop, I had to be the FOH boy. Honestly I think there is a BIG part of me that feels more natural and comfortable dealing with customers than being behind the scenes.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Go-in To Montucky.

As most of you probably know my little sis is going to be off on her way to be living (most likely at least) in the great state of Montana, where we were all raised. That will seriously diminish the Minneapolis Werst presence, but we should be able to hold our own without her, as missed as she is going to be.

The plan was that my Mother was going to drive out here with a trailer and haul K-Dog and all her stuff the 1k miles along 94 to 90 through ND, MN and eastern MT. I got to thinking, I have been trying to get some sort of a MT trip planned for the last couple of months, time and work just haven't really allowed it. Why not just load up the back of my Pick-Up (meaning I will have to wait an extra month of two to sell it) and seize the opportunity to do some serious visiting before school starts to kick my ass. Not to mention I have not even so much as gazed upon my new baby niece.

So sometime end of July or beginning of August you all might be seeing my mug around, causing trouble, drinking too much and hitting on all the gorgeous Missoula girls I was able to the last time I was there.

A little cherry to top it off, some of my friends are planning a "Return to Missoula" party for all of us that have scattered throughout the nation. Probably what a high school reunion would have been like if I had managed to finish, shit that would have been this year, must be getting old.

Alright I have a wedding to crash, going dressed in my wife beater, wranglers and black leather cowboy boots in true Montana boy fashion, I should pick up a bottle of beam and a 6'er of shmidt ice on the way.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Finally my apartment is starting to take shape.

All of my time has been focused on either work or getting the house emptied and ready to sell, I must say that I have been a bit neglectful of this little (not so much) place I have been living. The dining room and kitchen were stacked to the brim with boxes stuffed with completely random shit from the house, think 6 different kinds of ant pesticide. I just wouldn't feel right tossing stuff like that into the garbage, so instead I condensed it all into less and less boxes and stuffed it down into my basement here at the apartment, just until I can make a run to the transfer station. I am going to no drive for a little while here, just until I get my license again, I have my passport and yellow carbon copy, but I might as well not risk it. Everything I will possibly need is within blocks of my house, really I could get along without so much as a bike.

Back to my apartment, it is spotless and gleaming, the floors are sparkling brighter than a MR Clean commercial. The hardest part was the filing of the misc paper work, I had to try and split "my" files from "her" files, and as many of you know, the lines become blurred after several years of marriage. Luckily she isn't going to be back for over a year, so chances are good that I will be able to take a little time in sorting through all of the documents. I swear I am going to go broke at kinkos making copies of all this shit I may or (probably) may not need.

Long story short, my house is awesome right now, all I have to do is fold the 2 loads of laundry I just washed and put new sheets on the bed, much easier for me not having to live in squalor.

Good and Bad.

First lets start off with the bad, makes the following portion of the post seem a little more elated.

The Bad.

My tent is far too big for one person, more space than I really needed.

The top of my head is sporting a nice red glow, I must have forgotten that I don't have much in the way of protection up there right now.

I lost my wallet, with all my money, cards, ID, etc.

I passed out the first night listening to my new iPod and drained the battery down to zilch, I brought a back-up ipod, but that only lasted about 3 hours.

Ticks, they are hard to kill the little bastards, fire and uber-sharp objects are really the only way to get them to stop infecting you with nasty lime disease producing bile.

The Good.

fireflies, lots of em.

Both days I was able to start the fire my first try, even after I had used up all my paper and was forced to use leaves and twigs.

I did manage to buy enough food before I lost my wallet.

I did manage to buy beer and whiskey before I lost my wallet (though I used most of the whiskey for more pyrotechnic endeavors than for intoxication).

I had 21 dollars and about 5 gallons in my truck, just enough to get myself home without having to call in any favors.

Someone found my wallet, though at this point I don't really need it anymore. 1/2 hour after I lost it I had all the cards canceled and I needed to get a new ID as a result of this recent move anyway. I just hope the 150 dollars I had in there somehow makes it back to me, not likely.

The stars, I forgot how many luminescent points of light inhabit the skies the further you get from civilization.

My campsite was remote, I picked one where I had a 50+ yard walk, I didn't have to deal with RV campers and their evening satellite TV or children wailing about a grilled cheese (American of course) that didn't have the crusts removed. I was left alone with myself, something I really needed.

I didn't have enough money to buy any smokes, so I think I quit again. It wasn't that long ago that I started, and I feel like this time it is going to stick.

Whilst on one particularly long hike I found a big patch of wild strawberries, little tiny buggers but ripe as can be and sweeter than a bucket full of corn syrup. Considering I had to ration my food, the discovery was very much a welcomed one. It still shocks me how we have mutilated and genetically bred strawberries more for size than for sweetness, albeit the larger size does help with shipping, so much of the strawberry flavor is given up.

I had a good excuse to visit "Global Market" in the old Sears building this afternoon, they put a government center in the basement, and a USbank upstairs so I was able to deposit my check, order a new ID card and get myself some tasty vittles. I also took the opportunity to do a quick ride around the lakes, the summer and the lakes are kind to us filthy voyeurs.

I guess the greatest "good" of my whole camping endeavors was the ability to just unplug from any and everything, get some reading in, just relax and enjoy being away from the heat that pavement and concrete press upon us daily. It had been far too long since the last time I had done anything like that, as my pasty white skin can attest to. Now I just need to get myself some light weight camping gear, big ass back pack and start doing some "real" camping.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Just decided I am going up north tomorrow after I get off of work, I don't have to be back until Friday, so why not get the hell out of dodge.

Little bit crudo.

I should be working, hell I don't even really know how I managed to get myself out of bed.

Hit up the Local, gracias a mi hermanita para comprar las bebidas. It was interesting, the top three racers overall were sitting on the patio getting themselves hammered. J was a little forward and just walked right over, sat down and started a conversation. The ended up being that the rest of us starting chilling with the bikers, nice guys little sarcastic though.

From there Jer and I headed on over to Grumpy's downtown to kick it with our friends.

Long story short I didn't get to bed until about 1:30 and I woke up at 5:45. I feel a little groggy headed, but over all considering the hell I went through last week not so bad. I really should be in the kitchen prepping or something, or working on menus, schedules, something.

Sunday, June 18, 2006


It sucked, it was hard, I am sunburned, but I am fucking done.

Not am I just fucking done, but I did everything about as perfectly as could have happened, all the hours of planning, my lists, maps, and scheduling came through in spades.

We did get told by the fire marshall that we couldn't cook with the grill within 5 feet of the tent, so made poor felipe have to get pelted with hot hot sun while grilling up hundreds of turkey burgers, veggie burgers and brats. I did use some sun screen, but it didn't seem to have much of an effect, SPF 15 just doesn't help enough.

Time to shower up and head downtown to visit my little sis, last time I can bug her for a free beer, might as well take advantage of it.

Oh and the house is awesome and so perfect it boggles my mind that I have to get rid of it.


Friday, June 16, 2006

UGH parte dos

So this is going to have to be quick because I really need to get to sleep and get ready for tomorrow.

The house is 100% done, nothing else to do from what I can tell.

I started work at 5:45 this morning, figuring I would just work until 3-4ish, that would give me enough time to actually clean my house and write the article for next months newsletter. I started to notice after a little while that I had to help bring the setup downtown for the bike race. Originally I was under the impression that I was going to be able to just ignore Friday, nothing I personally had to deal with, but that damn truck... I moved everything all the shelving, coolers, ice, and drinks downtown fighting rush hour traffic and barricades all the way. At that point I figured my night was over, I left the keys to my truck with T-Dog and drove her car back to the cafe where I just walked home.

For about two hours I figured I was in the clear, I had a glass of wine, folded some laundry, shaved my head, swept, washed a few dishes, generally relaxed. I should note at this point that it had started raining something fierce, near as bad as I have witnessed in my entire life. The only time I can think of that was worse was when B and I were driving out to Miles City to visit little D and right outside of the border of ND and MT the rain was just silly. Tonight it was close though, I felt sorry for the racers. (I think I left a brand spanking new pair of NB running shoes in the hotel at Miles City, I still am pissed about that).

My point, at 8:00 right around the time I was getting dressed for a party, I get a call from T-Dog. T-dog needs me to drive down with her car and help haul all the volunteers back to their respective domiciles. My job of course was to take all the crap back, which meant that I had to also unload it all in the pouring rain, transfer everything from the drenched boxes to bus tubs and milk crates, my kind of fun. I also had to bring back the Ice Cream to Izzy's, though the people who packed the truck didn't bother throwing any dry ice into the insulated boxes, or for that matter even zip them closed, so all the ice cream was ruined, awesome.


I started work at 5:45, took about 2 hours off, finished at 10:45....

So far this week, from Monday until today I have worked about 58 hours, not to mention all the work I had to get done at my house, another 12 hours or so. There are still 2 days left, both are sure to be 12 hour minimum, tomorrow is more likely to be 15. Fucking work. Let's add this all up, with the house and work, I should be hitting about 90 hours this week, with no overtime to speak of, and they wonder why I am crabby at work. You know it isn't a good sign when everyone walks around asking "Are you OK?"

I did turn my notice in though, and I have some good leads for easy jobs while I am schooling it.

Oh and Blogger spell check sucks and I am lazy, deal with my impirfactians.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I had been hoping that this week would somehow end up being easier, just allowing me to slide on through, it could happen right?


Yesterday I started working at 7am and didn't finish until 11:30 at night. It took me a total of 6 trips and a bit over a half a tank of gas to set up and break down the event. Not to mention that it was pretty much dead at the St Paul site, so we probably lost a couple of thousand dollars, awesome. All that hard work and end up losing money instead of even breaking even. Logistically things were ok though, not as smooth as I would have liked, and we had a couple of accidents. The balsamic vin for the salad decided it wanted to spill while hauling the trailer, that and about 3 gallons of sliced onions. We open the back of the cooler and notice that there is a goopy sloppy oniony mess just everywhere, clean up before set up.

It was hot, slow and boring, overall it sucked. The people running the event wouldn't let me pick up my trailer until much later in the evening, so I didn't pick up the last load until 10:30.

Aside from that things went well, I have lost 8 pounds since Sunday evening, 8 fucking pounds in 4 days.

Though I did finish my house today, all set to put on the market. I have been giving little tours to people I know in the neighborhood or just strangers walking by, so far the feedback is awesome. Let's hope that it sells quick and no longer will be a thorn in my side, fucking house.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Todo List

Today, togo order for 70 people, much higher than we normally would have agreed to, our usual limit is about 25.

Tomorrow, probably the biggest delivery day in the history of the b-wood, I get to put is all away. Final inspection on the house. We also get to start prepping for the following day, which is going to be huge.

Wed, first of 3 events that we have to take place in for the big bike race coming to town. This is why we had to get so much stuff in the day before. Somehow I have to find a place to put enough food for about 1000+ people in my little kitchen, and also find a way to get it all over to St Paul. I rented a refrigerated trailer, so I get to learn how to haul a trailer behind my big kick ass red truck (which I am selling soon if anyone is interested).

Thursday, figure out what else needs to be done on both the house and for the remaining bike events. I don't have any clue what to expect, so I ordered a bit heavy for the Wed event, we will see what is left. The remainder of the day is going to be spent in meetings and cleaning up the house, luckily there isn't much left on the house front.

Friday, typically the busiest day of the week at the cafe, so admidst all that chaos I have to plan the next weeks menu, write and article for the news letter, do the schedule, make sure I have enough stuff ordered in for weekend. During the evening, we are going to set up a ice cream sandwich booth downtown, which I thought would give us a little respite from the insanity, I was wrong. I found out yesterday that we also are going to have to provide food for all the volunteers working downtown, so like another 60-70 people. Fun.

Saturday, the second busiest day of the week next to Friday. I have to do my regular shift, and somehow find time during it all to get the prep done for the next days bike race extravaganza. Also we have to find time and space to prep for the next day's brunch, one of the busiest of the year.

Sunday, Father's day, not as busy as Mother's day, but close. I get to fill up yet another trailer with food and drive it out to Stillwater for another cooking event, this one about 5 times the size of the St. Paul event. I am expecting to start really early in the morning and work on through until everything is cleaned up and the equipment has been safely returned to the company. It would be hard to figure out this event logistically even if the Restaurant was closed, I honestly don't know how it is going to get done with a place as busy as the Cafe. Anyone who has been to the cafe knows what a mad house it can become, sometimes mind boggling.

Monday, make sure the new menu is ready, make all the prep lists, menu guides, cheat sheets, recipes that a new menu entails. After work, meet up with the Real Estate agent and if all is good the house is going on the market.

Tuesday, just work and wait for the house to sell.

This is hell week, I cannot imagine having to do more things, I hardly can imagine getting done what has to be done at the minimum level.

So this might be my last entry for a couple of days.

Oh I also haven't done laundry for the last 2 weeks and my apartment is a mess, spending 6-12 hours a day working on the house and planning for this week has left little time for much else. Though I did manage a date for last Saturday night.... I think my sister is right, I date more than damn near anyone I know.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Sorry for the lack of updates, but nearly EVERY day I have been crazy busy getting all of the little things that I need to finish done around my house(house).

First off I finally finished my rock garden, it was lots of heavy lifting and moving of dirt, but I am happy with house it turned out.

Now I know that it isn't perfect, but dammit it was the best I could do myself. The landscapers were supposed to come and do all the work for me, but they ended up no showing, leaving Felipe to bust his already far too busy ass even more. I am about 95% done with all of the exterior work with the house, a good feeling. I mowed, trimmed, weeded, edged, raked, swept, mowed again etc. Cool thing also is that Collin, my tomato guy is going to drop by 12 tomato plants, so I can get them planted to spruce up a barren garden off to the side of my yard.

Meetings with work, real estate agents and lawyers have been filling the rest of my time. That and touching up paint throughout the basement and house, my days have been quite full in the last couple of weeks.

I think all I have left is to finish sweeping, touch up a little more paint in the kitchen and basement and mop some floors, everything else is done. The final inspection should be Tuesday, so by that point there shouldn't be much left. The real estate agent was impressed by the amount of work I managed to get done, and the quality of it all. My man Stevo really hooked me up, he fucking rocks.

I get to tell the rest of the staff that I am planning on leaving this August, that will probably come as a surprise to some. I don't really see how I could work a job that asks as much of me as the B-Wood does and still be able to focus on school. I need a office job, something mindless that doesn't require much more of me than just following the protocol and showing up. Running that kitchen is just so full of responsibility and duty that even stepping down just wouldn't work, that portion of my mind just wouldn't be shut off.

What I should do is get a line cooking job under someone I really respect, learn something instead of teaching for a change.

So that is my life right now in a quick blog entry, check out the pictures, I have more on my flickr if anyone cares just email me for the address. felipe(dot)sanchador(at)gmail(dot)com


Sunday, June 04, 2006


I turned down something big, like really life changing crazy opportunity big.

It wasn't an easy decision, something I did lightly, but I think it will be for the best. I don't really feel like going into it here, but those who know me probably already know all the juicy tidbits. It isn't like I would have had any problem doing what would have been expected of me, it was just that I wasn't sure that I even wanted my life to take that course at this point. I wouldn't have been able to finish school, ever leave Minnesota (that means no living in NY BG), or pretty much anything. I just got out of a really long and at times painful relationship that made me stuck here in Minnesota, last thing I want to do is apply new shackles.

Anyway, now I am certain to be focusing on school.

I have been keeping it a little low key the last couple of days, just working on the house, moving stuff etc. I did get the deck stained, something I wasn't planning on doing but seemed like a good idea. Note to self though, 2 sparks can and will be dangerous, very much so. My apartment is a wreck, filthy and boxes piled up all about. The moment I try and get things straightened up, I pack in more and more boxes full of crap I will never need, but have a hard time throwing out. I should be living here for a while, so I am guessing I will have ample opportunities to get my house ship-shape. The walls are still bare, but I have a bunch of plants. E2 totally hooked me up, as she self professed, her house is "puking" plants. I did buy a fuschia, my favorite flowering plant.

The damn landscapers didn't show up Friday like they were supposed to, I have no idea why. I was hoping not to have to do ALL the outside work myself, but it may just come to that. I have NFC why seemingly professional companies are giving me so much grief, how hard is it to get people out to work on my house, it isn't like I don't have money or anything.


Thursday, June 01, 2006

E and E2

So last night.

My whole entire plan was just to sit around, catch a movie at my favorite theater and after that call it an evening. E2 stopped by about 1.5 hours before the movie started, big ass jug of Gin and Juice in tow, I should have known at that point there might be some trouble.

E2 and I drank a little, hopped on our bikes and cruised over down south to rushing trying to get to the movie on time. We had been playing a little phone tag with E trying to persuade her to leave the Ch@tterbox and meet up with us. The movie was already going by the time we got there, but I still managed to get myself a large of the best popcorn in the twin cities. At that point we still hadn't heard anything from E, so our guess was that she ditched out on us, not entirely out of charachter for her.

The movie was ok, nothing great though.

After we end up meeting with E, she had been in the theater all along, we just didn't see her (funny how dark places do that).

I had the idea of letting the girls see my "house house" as I have been calling it, especially after all the work has been done, it looks really nice. I give the general tour, both love the place, it is after all a cute little house. We proceed to just kick it in the backyard, sucking on more G & J and shittalking. The hour was rapidly aproaching 10, so I did a mad dash down to the liquor store. Note to all you Minneapolis people, last night was the last night of any store being able to sell until 10, something about the law being repealed.

Beer in hand, we just start enjoying the summer night.

There was a moment where a cop rolls up and asks us about some "gunshots" which was more than likely a transformer exploding.

I start to notice that E2 was getting a little wobbly, talking a little sluttery, and was in no general condition to be riding a bike home. E and I decide it best to just catch a cab over to my apartment, so we could all crash out there. I don't know what it is about me harboring drunken ladies, I swear I could get arrested.

So long story short we all wake up this morning, get espresso and E2 and I head NE for some Modern Cafe grub. Phil is doing one hell of a job up there, the risotto I had was out of this world, and E2's Mac-N-Cheese with marscarpone, saffron and fresh peas was to die for.

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