Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Problem with living in a neighborhood where everyone knows you.

Try to just sit outside and relax, enjoy the sunset. Get roped into helping someone move a water heater off the back of their truck just 2 blocks away.

Hell in a span of 1 hour I randomly stumbled upon 5 people I would consider "good" friends.

Something about the Seward man, just doesn't stop.

Inch by Inch Hour by Hour.

First off lets start with my fuck ups.

This weekend I really wasn't planning on doing that much, especially Saturday night. Too many nights staying up till 5 am and getting out of bed at 9 were just getting to me a little. After watching King Kong (good special effects, nothing great though), I decided to meet up with all the kids getting back from the NE Girls ride. I knew there would be a bunch of my friends there, so off to Grumpy's I headed.

Think about this, those people had been drinking solidly since about 11 am, I myself was just getting started. Most everyone was sluttering, slurring or like Amy C, passing out at the bar. In Amy's condition she was in no way going to be able to ride all the way back up to Robbinsdale, so I volunteered my couch. My apartment is at most 1.5 miles from the bar, and by bike that wouldn't take that long. We started riding, couple of wrong turns (don't let drunk amy try and lead), we finally got to my place. I hooked her up with some "buzzard snacks" a little water, blanket and a bunch of pillows. With KK back on the computer, I knew it would just be a matter of time before she was good and asleep. Back to Grumpy's I flew.

About 10 minutes later, I pull up get ready to lock up my bike and notice something missing, my keys I must have left in the apartment. Multiple calls to AC didn't rouse her from her drunken slumber. I NEVER do something like that, meaning lock myself out of my apartment, just out of character for me, big time.

It didn't really matter too much, I was meeting up with M2 that night anyway, so I just crashed at her house. The next morning I rode over from St. Paul to the Triple Rock and met up with Amy where I got the keys.

How is work?

Busy, like record breaking busy, like out of control busy, like sweating your ass off in a 100 degree kitchen not being able to catch up busy. Even today when we thought we would have a little respite, it got hella slammed.


Well most everything is out, the upstairs has new carpet, and almost all of the little repairs are done. The house has never really looked nicer. Ironic that we go through all this work to make our houses better, fixing the little shit, things that didn't ever bother enough to require attention all have to be done. The only room that is left to move stuff out of is the basement, and there isn't much left. I think I might make a haul over to the transfer station tomorrow with a truck full of junk, chemicals which are prohibited from being tossed in the garbage (good reason).

The light on the horizon is shining bright and true, I will get all this crap done in no time.

Anyone who wants to help cleaning up the yard, give me a call.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Torn Apart.

My house is an absolute disaster.

There are probably 100++ beer bottles strewn about. The floor got all muddy and disgusting, people and dogs trampling in out from the rain.

I had to kick everyone out to head down by the river, I just stayed and picked up the best I could outside. I didn't want the other tenants in the building to be all upset to see a backyard full of empties and cigarette butts. I think I might just bring the recycling bin into my apartment when I get done with work and start my clean up that way.

I honestly was a little amazed at how many people showed up though, far more than I would have thought. There were even lots of people (20 or so) that I had never met.

I got some cool gifts from some people, plants and fun housing decorations. Thanks E and E2 for that one.

One light at the end of the tunnel is that the upstairs neighbor isn't going to be living there too much longer, so even if I did really piss her off, it isn't going to matter much in the long term. I am thinking I should probably write her a little sorry note though, just try to smooth things over a bit.


And the food was FuCKing out of control, way super duper awesome. I don't just say that because I made it either, I say that because it was.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Too fucking crazy.

So this is going to be quick, I have to work tomorrow (early).

Probably 50-70 people showed up to the BBQ.

Lots of crazyness.

We got kicked out by my upstairs neighbor.

More to follow.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

2 corazones

Almost forgot to mention, I also ordered to cases of Bell's Two Hearted at wholesale price...

Working in a restaurant has it's perks.

Dope BBQ.

I think this BBQ is going to be totally dope.

I have some flyers I am going to be passing around at the triple rock tonight, lots of friends there that I wouldn't be able to find anywhere else.

The food is going to be seriously kickin.

Little baker Jen got her B-friend to hook me up with a good price on some chicken wings, you are all going to fucking love em. Think hoisin, soy, ginger (lots of ginger), garlic (lots of garlic), sesame, and perhaps lime. I can taste em already.

Also tomorrow I am thinking about buying some kobe beef from the dogs down at coastal. I am thinking kabobs marinated in something simple like herbs and garlic, then after they are grilled, hot and delicious, slathering them with a chimichurri of some sort.

Of course I am going to do my typical miso/asparagus and the normal crap like cheese, veggies and fruit. It is going to be fun though.

I have the feeling that the turn out this time is going to surpass that of my last BBQ in which the numbers were about 30+. Hell I bet you I get that many of just MY friends down there, not to mention Jay's.

Bad Ass.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hanging Out with Models.

Two nights this week, not just one but TWO I somehow didn't make it to bed until 5 AM. You would think I was 21 again, talk about a regression.

I first hit up my friends Fashion Show in NordEast. I knew one of the models and one of the designers, so I really couldn't not be there. The show was set to start around 8, so I got there about 8:15 just in time to learn that the show wasn't going to actually start until 9:30. E and E2 were both hanging out, E2 was a little stressed, she had to coordinate the ordeal and was running around like crazy. There weren't many people there at that time, so I ended up hanging out with the all of the models on the roof. Now how could I complain about that, beautiful night, cold pbr tallboy and 10 models all around me, myself the only (straight) guy. The actual fashion show was really cool, but I was mingling a bit too much and missed my opportunity for a good seat. Cool dresses, all the ladies looked like little dolls, quite adorable.

After the show, E3 started to set up the buffet line. I could not refrain from stepping in and lending a hand, call it my lot in life.

I wish I could have stayed longer, there were many people I knew there, and more I would have liked to. I had a Dance Band show to get to though. Over at the Nomad some friends of mine were playing their second show ever, again I couldn't miss it. The music was crazy, obnoxious and a little profane, the energy was over the top.

After the show I hung out for a while, then Jamin and I rode downtown to meet up with M2. M2 and a bunch of her work friends were getting sloshy at McKins. We stayed until bar close and searched all around for another party to go to, too bad everything seemed to be fizzling out at this point. Jamin and I were on bikes, no one else was in any condition to drive. Lucky Jamin as a friend who drives cab (A) and we got ourselves a ride over to my place with the bikes in the trunk. Few beers and hours later I finally get myself to sleep, and thank god I was very tired.

I had to wake up early and talk to an electrician who was doing a little work on my house. We have some friends in common and he lives 2 doors down from my apartment building. He hooked me up with all the work for FREE, I couldn't believe it.

Ok I need a nap and some greasy eggs or something.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

B-Day BBQ Gala.


I am having a little sumtin sumtin at my nuevo casita this Thursday to honor in my ushering in yet another year (shouldn't I be dead already?). Actually it isn't just for me, but as well for the Green Party candidate for Congress (J@y Pond). J and I share the same birthday so we are going to be doing this together. Bring booze, loose women, and perhaps some food (but you know me, I usually have that bajo control). Starts around 7-8ish and goes until my neighbors kick us out.

Msg me if you don't know where I live, and if I don't see you there, for shame.


P.S. Anyone caught making out in my bedroom will be spanked, that includes guys, so keep it in your pants.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mi Nombre.


I got a little something something written in the Cit(y) Pages this week.

Check it out.

Though it pissed off my boss a little, she read it differently than I would have.

C'est La Vie.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Right now there are 2 big ass racoons wandering around outside my window.


You know they live in the sewers.


I had far too much fun last night.

The day started off a little stressful, rushing home from work to grab my truck and meet up with not one but TWO appointments of a carpet guy and a landscaping guy waiting for my time. That compounded with some serious work issues, ok not horrible but needing to be dealt with nonetheless. I was feeling a little stressed is all.

I headed over to K.'s house to give her and her stuff a ride over to the park where they were having a little b-day get together. I didn't really feel like finding a parking spot, so I just drove back home and hopped on my bike. Kim's party was fun, I ran around tossing the frisbee for a while, always a good time. Jerzo and I then headed down to the Triple Rock for 2 4 1's. Like always there were plenty of people we knew around, that is really the reason I like going.

Jer left a little earlier than I did, I ended up staying till we got kicked out. I was hanging out with M and M2 for a while, and we all decided to hit up Luce for some late night grub. Ok level with you, first off they tried to hit Taco Hell, but we were a couple of minutes past close. They were also closing up shop at Luce, which meant they piled on slice after slice of free pizza goodness. I have no idea what we got, I think there were some olives, not sure though.

We headed over to M2 and K's new apartment, just on the other side of the river, about a mile from my new place.

Long story short we didn't end up getting to bed till around 5:30, even though I had woken up at 5:45 the day before. It just happens like that sometimes. By the time I finally fell asleep I was completely incoherent, more to do with the sleep-depro than the intoxicated. I woke up 2 hours later and got a ride home, the rest of the day has been a little of a blur.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mom's Day.

So I hope all of you were good little children and remembered to call your mother for the big day. And although I am sure that you probably took your mom out for a nice brunch or dinner, next year do yourself a favor and do the cooking yourself. Something about a big holiday that just makes people feel like it would be nice to go out to eat, this feeling is so global that most places just cannot really keep up. The same thing happens on Valentine's day, it is just breaking at the seams busy. You never really get the same quality or service that you would on a regular weekend, so like I stated before, stay home.

That said it is probably clear that we were in fact very busy today at the b-wood. In fact busy to the point where we broke the biggest ever hour record, the same one that we broke a week and a half ago. In the same amount of time, with about the same prices we did 56% more business than we did last year. That is pretty substantial considering that last year it felt like things were out of control (or so I hear). This year things really were out of control, we were selling more food and producing more dishes than we could keep up with. In fact we didn't even really finish up with all of the dishes until 4 and a half hours after we closed. Part of that may have been because the dishwasher originally scheduled to work decided to no show on us, the guy who came in arrived with bus tub upon bus tub full, not something easy to catch up from.

At the end of it all I handed out beer and twenties to all my kitchen staff, they seemed to appreciated it. Something about being part of something so busy that really creates bonds which I bet are similar to soldiers in a war. Sometimes service feels like a battle, no question.


I wish someone would just tell the rain to stop falling. I swear we have had more rainy days than not since I started packing and moving. It wouldn't be a big deal if my truck had a topper, but it doesn't.

OK back to packing again.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006



Don't try and race your 21 year old line cook who no only weighs about 70 pounds less than you but also rides his bike minimum of 10 miles everday. If I am lucky I get 2 miles in a day, too much going on and being so close to work really diminishes the need to ride very far. Yesterday Jamin and I went out on the Hopkins loop, I got my ass kicked that is about all I want to talk about it right now.

After the ride we stopped by DT Luce for a couple of beers/slices. I was planning on heading home for a little while and resting until everyone was down at the triple rock indulging in 2 4 1's. Remember that I woke up at around 5 am, so come around 10 I was starting to feel a little sleepy. Next thing I knew it was 3 AM and I was waking up on my couch... Damn.

This morning HereNT was kind enough to help me move some of my crap, big shit which I couldn't have managed myself. The desk proved too big to pass through the little door to my apartment, so here soon it will be making an apperance at savers on Lake Street.

There is a bunch of other potentially really cool shit about to happen which I really don't want to go into right now. It might just be another one of my crazy out of control ideas so I am not really holding my breath or advertising that much. Just be sure that it will change things SOOO much. That is what we call a teaser....

Alright I have an appointment with a realtor now, later.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Ok well today started out like any other, I woke up and got ready for work. The different thing about living in the apartment now is that I have a hard time allowing the snooze to run incessantly for hours. I guess I am afraid of waking up the person who lives above me, so I am up at the first alarm. To put this in retrospect, I usually would set 4 alarms, 2 on my clock and 2 on my telephone. Even so I would just hit snooze over and over until the last possible minute. Today I was up an hour and a half before I needed to be at work, and don't forget it is just a 5 minute walk. So my morning was a little lax.

I must not have knocked on wood quite hard enough when I wrote that "retention" post a couple of days ago. The first thing I got this morning was a 2 week notice from one of my cooks. She is moving on to greener pastures, nothing wrong with that at least she gave me 2 weeks. People move on, it happens I usually don't get pissed about it. At least I had that full time cook waiting in the wings who wouldn't have needed any training what so ever, I could make it work. Ok note the past tense there.

Fast forward about 4 hours....

I get a call from the cook who left and wanted really bad to come back. They decided to promote him at the suburban co-op where he was working and they offered him enough to really make it silly not to take the job. Again a situation where I cannot feel bad at all for them, it just inconvenienced me a little.

So I went from maybe having too many people and fighting to find hours to perhaps total collapse of the kitchen.

This is when I start making calls.

Fast forward another hour and a half....

I have a full time guy hired, lots of experience, good fit for the cafe...

I have another cook who I used to work with long ago who wants to quit his current job and come work full time with me....

Life is good after all....

Something that really does worry me about having to run a kitchen if in fact I do decide to move away from Minneapolis is where the heck am I going to find cooks? Here I have such a solid footing and enough little webs shot out of my spidey webslingers to where I don't have to even really advertise when I need help. In a new city I am sure it is going to be much tougher.

Side note.

I have 2 real estate agents I am going to talk to in the next couple of days, I want to make them fight for my business. Right now I am loyal to no one, I am just waiting for the best deal.

Ok time to ride my bike.

Monday, May 08, 2006

out of control.

So this is going to have to be a little brief.

My life is pretty insane right now.

We are busier than we ever have been at the cafe before, which really is saying quite a bit. That compounded with the ordeal of moving, trying to sell the casa, figuring out school etc is getting to be quite the undertaking. Add to that probably the most active social life I have enjoyed in the past 7 years, really since I left Mon-Tucky. But to those who read this and care for me, I am still alive and kicking. The new apartment is really coming along, I have most everything that is "mine" over here already, all that is left in the house is La.Beck's stuff and our combined goods which will probably make it to the transfer station/goodwill here in the next couple of days. I am glad that I should be able to fit damn near everything in this little (by comparison) apartment and not have it look like it is packed to the gills. I am still looking for a theme to decorate though, right now I am leaning towards just hanging bike parts and frames all over the place. If I get my house decorated ala la bike that I shouldn't really have to worry that much about buying anything for decorations.

I have to give a big shout out to Liz (my neighbor) for not just helping me into the place, but for being cool enough to let me set up my basestation in her apartment. Now I am just sharing the wifi, so the bill is going to be dirt cheap. She doesn't read this anyway, but nonetheless.

So work is good, busy like I just said. I have hired a couple of new people, one of them being the cook who used to work before at the cafe. I am really starting to feel even more managerial than I have before, perhaps it is just the experience finally grabbing hold, but right now the kitchen is running tight, REAL tight.

So that is my quick update, thank god I type fast.


And I am too busy to spellcheck so you are all going to have to live with my errors.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


So I have been working at the cafe for a little over 8 months now. Something about the restaurant business which is generally universal is that you can almost count upon high turn over. People just don't really stay at the same place, at least cooks don't. Interesting enough the entire time I have worked there, I have had just 2 cooks quit on me. One was persuing greener pastures at a new co-op in the suburbs, the other left to Seattle. Wait, there was another guy who just didn't show up about 3 weeks into me working there, he just worked 1 day a week though, so it wasn't too big of a deal. Not a bad track record I would say, makes me feel a little good about my manageral skills, especially considering I have only been doing so for a couple of years.

Today I got an application, interesting enough from the same guy who quit 5 months ago to work at the co-op. So does that mean I am back down to 2 employees quitting on me? I think so.

I really have not had to post many ads at all when looking for cooks, it seems whenever I need someone, they magically appear.

Off subject, the people are here to finally finish up the selling of my car... Sweet!!

Bowling For Choice.

So sorry I haven't been posting much, I really have only been at my house long enough to get some boxes packed up and stuffed into the back of my (kick ass) truck. For the last couple of nights I have been sleeping at the new place, which is honestly a little odd, but I am getting used to it. I just spent so many years sleeping in the same bedroom, change is all.

So I got my ass kicked so incredibly bad at scrabble this last Tuesday, my score was doubled. I should have known I was in for a hard time when my opponent was able to use all of her letters on the first word, so she got the 50 point bonus plus all of the points from the letters. It ended up being a 72 point word, a deficit which just grew as the game drug on. We were lucky enough to know the waitress so even though the triple rock was packed, the first open table was reserved in our name.

Last night I did the whole Bowling for Pro-Choice event which we at the b-wood were a part of. We all dressed up like assassins and called ourselves the b-wood deadly viper assassination squad. Everyone was clad in black with our signature b-wood track jackets and black hat. To top it off b. bought everyone these red lone ranger looking face masks, we looked quite menacing. The idea was brought up to hold up a SA or something after bowling, but that idea thankfully didn't become realized.

The bowling actually kind of sucked, we didn't even get to finish. The had the BLB rented out for a certain period of time and that time expired before we even got done. There were door prizes given out at the end of it all, and actually 2 of the 4 prizes given were to b-wood employees. E. and I both won a t-shirt and gift certificates, mine being to some coffee shop I had never heard of in St.Paul and E. won 2 one month memberships to the Y. The shirt I got is awesome, pink logoed with "I'm pro-choice and I bowl" I have the feeling I am going to be wearing it around everywhere.

I seem to always win stupid stuff like that, I must be lucky. Just Monday I managed to get myself tickets off of the K to see Ice Cube tonight. 30 dollars tickets, how can I pass that up right?

Ok back to moving.

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