Friday, March 24, 2006

Again and Finally.

Do you all remember how excited I was that I finally got my cable modem fixed?

Well it was all for nothing, yesterday I awoke to the same problems I had been experiencing for the last month or so.

Everything was new in my house though, new modem, new outlet, new line from the street, new ground etc. The only thing I could postulate that was going on was that the new modem was broken. To credit the people down at TW, they did come and replace the old modem with a new one within 3 hours of my calling and bitching. This was the 6th appointment I had with them though. Think at least 3 hours of waiting a pop times 6 times, that is almost 20 hours in the last month where I was just killing time waiting for the cable guy. Pisses me off a little. They did lower my rate for the next 6 months, but I am thinking about calling and getting some more compensation, like a month or two free.

Especially considering that one of the cable guys stole my Phillips head screwdriver, bastard.

Tracy is leaving out of town again today, California for something. It might be a bike trip, I don't really know.

My house is a total disaster, I have boxes full of crap that will be on it's way out of my house here soon, but for the time being it is just sitting here cluttering up the living room. I am trying to clean out the little bedroom and get it ready to rent out, as now it seems I am going to be staying here for a little while longer. If I am able to, I am going to try and buy the house instead of just sell it and split the proceeds. I still have to talk to a mortgage person and see if I can afford it without a cosigner. Either way I am going to need to get a roommate. I am thinking about just moving my bed down to the littler room on the first floor and renting out the 2nd floor bedroom, probably more marketable that way. The first floor rooms is kind of small, but that is ok with me and my purposes.

I bleached my hair again, third time in a week. Still despite my best attempts I can only get strawberry blonde, platinum just continually eludes me.

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