Thursday, March 16, 2006

Broken Cable Still.

Tomorrow should (hope) be the final day of my shotty internet. The third visit by the time-w@rner guy in a little less than month, if he doesn't fix it I will just cancel and spend more time at the Chatterbox.

So I have been dang busy with work and visitors in the last couple of days, my apologies that I have not been that great with updating.

Now first off, that broken pasta machine, well it is broken no longer. I got a new gear set from some guy out of San Francisco, and with that I was able to revive my love from the dead. The machine now works better and quieter than before, not to mention I bought the transmission arm. The transmission arm was a connection from the motor to the die-cutter blade, so no longer will I have to get a screw driver to use the Trenette attachment.

My mechanical abilities are getting better and better as of late, today I didn't just fix the pasta machine, but I also fixed 2.5 kitchen-aid mixers. The point five is due to the fact that one of them will actually require a new part to be in full working order. The machine that isn't even working a little is the same one that I just picked up from the service center up in Blaine a week ago. I was sick of driving 12 miles each way, just to get a crappy old mixer working, so I tried to fix it myself. I know what is wrong, but I need to order a couple of parts to get it working again. So in fact I may be subjected to another long drive, because they didn't fix it right the first two times.

Well aside from that, I have just been doing lots of entertaining.

Having guests is fun, borderline illegal fun.

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