Friday, March 10, 2006

Closer than I think.

I just got my two (read that two) articles written for the B-Wood Newsletter. I have now been searching out different restauraunts that offer wi-fi, I was in need of a little food not just coffee/beer. I have realized the food offerings at the c@tterbox aren't really the greatest, as a co-worker put it, straight sysco. So I am right now at the R@il Station, even closer to my house. This place though is more anti-hipster than hipster. Blue collar to the max, reminds me of Montana a little. But the beer and the burgers are cheap, the wifi is working at fast, so what do I have to complain about? I am just sitting here by myself typing away anyway, fairly oblivious to the goings on around me, so I may just have another place to hang out. My decision will be made once I get my pepperjack burger, so we shall see. I hope that when I get back to my house, there will be a new line strung out to the pole and a phone waiting to be activated for my papa. He is going to be moving a little ways from Missoula here soon, and isn't able to take the number he has had for over 20 years with him. Talking to the folks down at Sprint, I am able to transfer his number over to a cell phone and just add it onto my plan. This also means that he will be able to talk to myself and hereNT completamente gratis, big bonus.

Someone just walked by asking me if I wanted to take part in the "Meat Raffle" no joke.

Well the fries are good, but then again fatty starch usually is.

I should eat now, I will post my newsletter articles a little later in the evening.

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