Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Alright where to begin.

Yesterday was freaking loch, busy and stressful and generally crazy. Tensions were running much higher than they need be in the bakers meeting, things were said and tones were used which probably shouldn't have been. Not by myself mind you, but between the bakers themselves. That said I had to pull sit some people down and do some fun ironing out of the situation. Again fun to be el Jefe.

After that I had to speed up to Blaine to bring back the kitchen-aid which I had just brought in to be serviced about 1.5 months ago. There is only one place which services those shorty little mixers, and it is all the way in the northern suburbs, where only the brave tread. Back down highway 100 to Costco, I did one of the fastest single costco runs to date. At least until I was stuck behind this lady writing a check... Grrr... I know I shouldn't be impatient but sometimes I just am.

Back to work.

Busy, but good. The pasta which I put on the menu again was the best seller, always an ego boost. I don't know how accurate of a representation it was though, near every employee had pasta as well. Either way I was really happy with the response, but than again that is pretty much what I was expecting.

Work done, hit the C-Box up for a quick post 12 hour shift cerveza. But it seems that my work wasn't quite done at that point, no little silly me brought my laptop and scheduling shit inside. So instead of relaxing I did work shit until around 11:30. Headed home, hit the hay, woke up at 6 to do it all over again. This time I finished work at around 2:30, so all isn't bad. My house still is in dire need of packing and organizing if I want it to be presentable to potential buyers. I am still eagerly awaiting word as to what the realtor thinks the house will go for, keep your fingers crossed people.

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